I started Triad Organizing Solutions because I am an organized person and know a few people that are not so organized. I have also been the go-to person that friends, co-workers, and family would call when they had questions about getting organized.

I have moved 8 times in my life, and my last move was what I call down “downsizing”…. I went from a 3000+ sf house to a house that is just over 800. This was also a turning point for me. I knew if I could do this big downsize, I needed to be teaching others how they can do the same and be happy. I had to get rid of a lot of stuff, but “less is more.”

Life teaches you a lot, but in 2014 a friend of mine told me that I was the most organized person he knew (thanks Doug!). That was the day I started looking into professional organizing. I know this is my calling—not because I am organized, but because I like helping people and know how much easier life is when things are in place.

I am very excited about the knowledge I will continue to receive from my NAPO membership, and my goal is to pass that knowledge on to you.

Angelia Williams,
Professional Organizer